Eat me, if you can.(English page)


“Can you sleep? Or…”
The hottest bluff game in 2013 Japan!
  • Players: 4 to 6
  • Ages: 6 +
  • Playing time: 15-20min
Little Red Riding Hood and the family Pigs are living peacefully in a village.
One day, a hungry Wolf comes to eat its prey.
Some villagers decide to set a trap. Others just go to bed.
Will they be able to drive back the Wolf, or will they end up being eaten?
In this game, the Wolf player tries to eat someone to gain points.
Players who anticipate the Wolf’s attack can set a trap to drive back the Wolf. If the Wolf attacks you, you with the trap set, you can gain points.
On the other hand, you can choose to sleep if you think you are safe.
You can gain points if you manage to sleep without being eaten by the Wolf.
Playing different characters every round, the player who obtain 10 points in total wins the game (and may sleep well).
English rules
English manga rules
French rules
German rules
  • Publisher:Junias
  • Designer:Jun’ichi Sato
  • Illustrator:152do
  • Artwork:CTR
  • Japanese 1st edition: 2012 Kunpu
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